A screenshot is a very important tool for everyday use. Being a regular tool, the advantage and the power of screenshots is often overlooked. With this in mind, we take a look at the most convenient ways to take screenshots on any device that you may own – be it a Windows PC, a macOS PC, an Android phone or an iPhone.

  • Select the Start only if the following network connection is available option.
  • On PCs OMG, the function can be enabled in Trusted Computing, in the option Security Device Support.
  • In fact, the requirements for GPU and CPU and RAM are very modest, and most computers will meet Microsoft’s minimum standard.
  • The upgrade process from Windows 7 and Windows 8 is actually quite streamlined and trouble free for most configurations.

For example, you may never send a file as a fax to someone, so might want to delete the entry for Fax recipient. Or perhaps you don’t envision sending a file to a Bluetooth device, so you can delete that entry as well. Open Windows Explorer and create a shortcut to the program you want to have in the below SendTo directory. Option in the menu that appears and you will see the extended Send to List.

Rebuild The Search Index

Uncheck any other options you don’t wish to remove. Here are some different ways to delete Windows.old folder. However, first, make sure to log in as an administrator. As per Microsoft, your system will automatically delete this folder after ten days. If you want to remove it manually before the 10-day limit, you must execute some simple steps. Unfortunately, it does not show the virtual drive in Windows Explorer.

Applicable Systems

With those toggles, you will also notice there is a screen snip toggle. When you click on that, your laptop takes a screenshot. So if you want, you can go old school and take screenshots on your laptop using the snipping tool or snip and sketch. Is your dedicated Print Screen key not working? Don’t fret, because you can take screenshots without Print Screen on Windows. Microsoft Windows 7 and the later versions of the OS come with Snipping Tool—a built-in screenshot utility to capture custom areas or active windows.

The habit of taking a huge number of screenshots? The tool is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Well, the tool is not able to take screenshots in which some mouse movements occur. There are some screenshots that may include mouse movements such as, Pop-up menu or tooltips.

The all-new Windows 11 is finally available to the public. Microsoft has given users a few options to choose from when it comes to installing Windows 11, and for the most part, it’s quite straightforward. Most of the linux bootloaders installed for one firmware type cannot launch or chainload bootloaders of the other firmware type. When starting the installer for Gentoo, make sure you start it in the UEFI mode. As of this writing, we’re assuming there must be a CPU component as well.

Anything you edit, add, or delete here will automatically be synced to the sticky notes that you’ve placed on your computer desktop back home or at work. Now you’re ready to open the same notes on all of your other devices. To do this, open the Notes List we mentioned above, and select the gear icon to open Settings. At the top of the Settings window, if you aren’t already signed in, you should see a Sign in button here. While sticky notes are very useful on one device, they’re even more useful if you can access the same notes from all devices you use.